Juan D. Vega

The knowledge and The happiness: The more you share the more you receive

Passion, Learning and Pride.

February 06, 2015 2 minutes

I think that these three words can define me, I am a young developer I know that my long journey to be a great programmer to archive mastery and become a Senior (experience) Developer, it is just starting now. Passion. Some years ago when I started the university, I did not know what programming was about, but when I wrote and ran my first “Hello World”, that day I make programming my hobby, I was doing it for fun, today I enjoy every time I code, so programming for me it is not just a work.

Learning. I am a last year Software Engineer student at Las Palmas University, but it is just a little part of my education, I am self-taught, so I always dedicate a big part of my free time to learn about languages, technologies, methodologies, etc. During my daily life, I use to remember that thing that have been more difficult or the ones which made me get stuck and at afternoon at home I get one and try to understand what was the problem and which skills I have to improve to avoid it the next time.

Pride. This is the beautiful part of this profession, the final product, the working well-crafted software. Like Sandro Mancuso said, It is impossible no love this profession when you realize that you are creating something that help people on their daily life.

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