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Typeform Navigator: My Raycast Extension

September 05, 2022 2 minutes 245 words

I discovered Raycast a few months ago, at first sight I notice the power of extensions. You can create automation and handy commands for everything.

I am a Software Engineer at Typeform, so my day to day use of the platform is sightly different to a standard user or customer. I have a lot of workspaces, some shared, some private and within them I have a lot of testing forms, each for every use case I usually work with. So, I have created Typeform Navigator.

Typeform Navigator

Typeform Navigator allows you to easily check form main stats, navigate to workspace page or to a form results page. There are other handy commands like copy form filling url or form ID.

Screenshot of form overview on Typeform Navigator

Screenshot of workspace forms listing on Typeform Navigator

Create a Raycast extension

Typeform Navigator is a nice example of raycast extension because it includes, listing, detail and it requires configuration (a personal token). You can found the source code on my github: jdvr/typeform-navigator.

Developer experience is a key advantage of Raycast you can check their Developer Documentation, starting a new extension is really easy.

The only pain point is publishing in on their storage because you need to create a pull request to their extensions repository.

If you are a Typeform user, test the extension and let me know what do you think.

The project was part of Hive Sprint, a two weeks hackathon where Typeform employees have freedom to spend time on any initiative that might improve the platform or the product.